'Hope tour project' is a social contribution project for supporting tours to the socially neglected, having less chance for experiencing various things to develop dreams and hopes for the future overcoming difficulties. Socially neglected children who’ve never been away from their home by economical and geographical reasons restored their long lost dreams through tour by visiting new regions, experiencing new culture and couples from poor financial background who were not able to go for their honeymoon trips enjoyed time to confirm their love through late honeymoon. Hope tour is a cultural support project to assist mental poverty, more than just to grant monetary support to the need. Supports and interests from social welfare groups
throughout the country increased each year. Participants are expanded to include children/teenagers as well as elderlies, low-income families, multicultural families and the number of supports is also being increased. We have presented hope tours to 228 groups nationwide, 2,940 neglected neighbors from 2005 to 2012. HanaTour will try harder to create a world becoming one with tour and becoming better with tour.

Rediscover love for the family: Low-income families
-Nha Trang Vietnam
-Zhangjiajie China  
-Phuket Thailand

A very special honeymoon: Low-income couples
-Boracay the Philippines
-Bangkok Thailand
-Phuket Thailand

Planet Earth travel school: for neglected children, teenagers
-Jeju Island
-Sanqing Mt China  
-Chengdu China  
-The Philippines

Tour looking for dreams: for neglected children, teenagers

Dream team training:
Orphanage children’s basketball team

Mongol Voluntour:
Participated by customers

Hope Tour without barrier: for disabled
(cohosted with Korea Tourist Service)

Very special honeymoon: for low-income couple
-Cebu the Philippines

FUN sharing multicultural family Hope Tour group
for multicultural families
(cohosted with Korean Tourist Service)

Happy autumn outing along with senior donors in low income families
for low income senior citizens
practicing donations

Tour to grant wings to my dream,
exciting farm experience tour:
for neglected children, teenagers

Very special honeymoon _Jeju Island:
for low-income couple

Hope Tour 2010 welfare tour a special event for autumn:
for single parent family
(cohosted with Korea Tourism Association)

Miracleland local childcare center
Eden local childcare center
Enhakore Community Center for Children
Yoon’s study room
Osan migrant workers center
Jangheung local childcare center

Gusan local childcare center
Majang local childcare center
Haewoondae youth rehabilitation supper center
Korean Chamsarang welfare foundation
Namyangju temporary youth rest house
Dasom local childcare center
Mentoring local childcare center
Sinan orphanage

Daejeon dosshouse counseling center / Opening new days youth rest house / Catholic Pooreumteo / Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill

Yeosoo open local childcare center / Seoul study room association / Sooncheon Hangoeul study room / Hapcheon-goon women’s peasants league

Aeranseumteo / Haneuljari house of peace / Cheonan after school program association / Yonsan Nanum house