Innovative information technology has been applied to make our online booking/management system fast and convenient. HanaTour B2C online/mobile service, the largest in Korea in scale, has enabled us to expand our business in the global market.



We provide the largest tourism portal in the country visited by 150,000 in average per day and provides information on tour products and booking service.

Real-time Booking System “MAIDAS”
Provides information on 40,000 hotels worldwide and individual travel products including hotel, domestic accommodations, tickets and passes can be booked in real time.
Global Network Integration System
Supports the integrated management of global networks and related businesses.
Global airline total system
We provide airline products required by customers at right time by implementing efficient air ticket sales market place.
HanaTour Loyalty (Mileage) System
We enhanced its Mileage Club membership services and communication through the HanaTour Loyalty System (HLS). This system provides support for CRM and marketing activities through partner service management and integrated mileage management. Through this system, we seek to maximize customer benefits by improving the loyalty of HanaTour customers.
Disaster Recovery System
Our Disaster Recovery System, the first of its kind in the travel industry, ensures continued service provision even in the case of a disaster or a regular checkup.
Integrated Business Information System, SAP ERP
We innovated our business information system with a new consolidated financial statement system based on the Korea Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (KGAA) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification
In 2015, we acquired an ISMS certification to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of key information assets, including customer information, as well as damages caused by such disclosure, and to extend various efforts to maintain the certification and protect our information assets.