HanaTour is putting various efforts for volunteer activities sharing warmth to neglected part of the society. The company founded ‘HanaTour Employees Hope Volunteer Group’ in 2009 participated by the entire employees and operating volunteer activities more systematical at corporate level. 36 nationwide branches and head offices were divided into 6 regions (metropolitan area, Gwangwon, Chungchung, Youngnam, Honam, Jeju) and conducts regional activities autonomously and volunteer activity is an essential course for training programs for new recruits.

In the case of activities for neglected children/teenagers,we are conducting volunteer activities by establishing annual cultural experience plans by establishing formal relationships with affiliates and partner organizations of Good Neighbors, the international aid organization, through agreement on sharing hopes with Good Neighbors. In-company sharing campaign based on voluntary participations by employees is engaged in collecting funds for supporting overseas children in poverties. Furthermore, we perform activities to preserve Bukhan Mountain National Park by signing an agreement with Korea National Park Authority since 2011 by Environment protection actions as a part of activities of the company. We are also performing other volunteer activities such as scholarship, visiting local senior citizens and children, environment improvement projects, presenting hampers by signing agreement for 1 company-1 local community with 2 dongs (Chungwoon-Hyoja-dong, Pyungchang-dong) in Jonro-gu to develop local communities and improve the quality of lives for local residents.
Hope Volunteer Group will try to develop healthier corporate culture of sharing based on the theme of ‘travel’ through activities participated by employees as well as interested parties, the industry and customers.