HanaTour is the largest travel company in Korea providing travel service with over 4,500 employees nationally and internationally and we are the best travel company ranked top in international travel and air ticket sales for 20 consecutive years.
HanaTour has led quantitative and qualitative growth of travel industry by providing better service through directly operated network covering 30 areas globally and with the best experts in travel and maintains top position in customer satisfaction and preference researches.
Furthermore, HanaTour increases productivity and profitability by integrating innovative IT system with travel industry and expands market leadership continuously, and the company was listed in London Securities Exchange (LSE), one of 3 major global securities markets, recognizing transparency and reliability of HanaTour internationally as well as preparing a stepping stone to become a global company.

HanaTour is trying to become the top global culture and tourism group by 2030 by expanding business into production, distribution of cultural products and developing tourism. We will become a company providing the best culture and tourism service in the world by enhancing global competency for human resources and competency in business related with cultural travel.

  Company   HanaTour   CEO   Park Sang Hwan, Kim Jin Kook
  Date of   foundation   Nov 1, 1993   Address   41, Insadong 5-gil, Jonro-gu, Seoul
  Business   Travel, travel development, tourist hotel, production∙distribution   of cultural products, internet business   Business   registration   Number   102-81-39440
  Employees   2,354 (as of December 2020)
  Phone   02)1577-1233   Fax   02)734-0392
  Homepage   www.hanatour.com