First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all of HanaTour's customers, shareholders, and partners for your interest in and support for the company. Established in 1993, HanaTour has remained in the top position for outbound travel and flight ticket sales since 1998. The unwavering support of our stakeholders has allowed us to grow as an industry leader in Korea.

HanaTour set up subsidiaries in China and Japan in its early years to create a basis for developing a culture and tourism belt in Northeast Asia. Today the overseas network providing services to international tourists has been expanded to America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Based on our existing achievements, we are taking the initiative in value creation. We are sustaining our efforts to find new businesses while continuing to expand the travel field. We are creating value that sparks synergies and fueling a paradigm shift by developing tourism infrastructure including hotels and F&B, creating and distributing cultural content, and operation duty-free businesses. These creative changes will allow us to continue to make progress toward our vision of becoming a global industry leader by 2030.

For the benefit of society and of our customers, shareholders, partners, and employees, we will fulfill our roles and responsibilities based on the following management philosophy: Jeongdo (meaning doing business in the right way) management where we stick to basics and principles; customer-oriented management putting customer value first; trust-based management with partners; and talent management that esteems people.

Our efforts to create new value and achieve sustainable growth will continue to ensure that greater value and happiness can be shared with our stakeholders. In this journey, we look forward to your advice and support.

Thank you.