Specialized in new business in domestic tourism engaged in industry related with hotel and culture and conducts businesses including Hotel businesses and Discover Korea Tour, medical tour, Korean Wave event products, transit tour and city tour, and expands domestic tourism markets and creates new demands for domestic inbound.
Founded as ‘Travel agency specialized in HanaTour tour products’ through public offering to employees of 1,200 travel agencies nationwide. Sales agent for HanaTour and acts as the call center for HanaTour.
Specialized in travel to Jeju Island and selected as an excellent tourism company by Jeju Special Self-governing Province. Launched Get About Jeju, a mobile application for travelling in Jeju in 2010 and provides real-time tourism information and engages in MICE business.
Provides services related with business trips and MICE to corporate clients. Through business affiliation with ‘RADIUS’, a global travel agency specializing in commercial affairs, it is growing to become the biggest travel agency for multinational commercial corporations in Korea.
An online shopping mall established as the first in-house venture company of HanaTour, where customers can easily and conveniently prepare for everything before travelling including travel insurance and purchasing of travel products. The company launched a travel product brand TWOPACK and offers products through offline stores from large domestic travel agencies.
The financial subsidiary provides loan services customized for customer’s travel plans with extremely low interests.
Provides the highest levels of tourism marketing and promotion planning service based on tourism marketing know-how of HanaTour.
A publishing company specialized in travel and an affiliate of HanaTour creative contents, and provides travel related brochures and promotional materials design service. Publish ‘The Traveler’ renowned as a global lifestyle magazine.
A travel agency with 50 years of history and know-how specializing in Christian pilgrimage  and provides cruise pilgrimage, visits to American revival churches, overseas business trips and training programs for public corporations.
Online travel marketing service provider founded jointly between HanaTour and CJ Mall and provides competitive service by integrating marketing using CJ groups on, off line distribution channels, various entertainment channels and travel know-how of HanaTour. Offers home shopping only products, specialized products for corporate clients and various individual travel products.
General sales agency (GSA) for promoting, marketing, reservations, sales within Korea for global tour products including Royal Caribbean Cruise, Celebrity Cruise, Azamara Club Cruise as well as Alamo Rent A Car, National Rent A Car, Enterprise Rent A Car, Intrepid, the Hawaii Prince Hotel etc.
A travel agency specializing in online business that offers affordable individual travel products and realizes customer-centered travel agency with corporate vision of fulfilling dream through travel satisfying customers full of emotion.
Online travel company providing products optimized for travelers focusing on free independent overseas travel.
A company specialized in corporate and incentive events and their main area of business is the sale of corporate training products based on many years of corporate transaction records.
Founded with 30 billion KRW joint investments between Hanatour and Modetour. The company tries to avoid overheated competitions by the two companies and to secure price competitiveness by jointly acquiring domestic and international hotels, tourism infrastructures.
Responsible for distribution of travel information and providing information to customers based on affluent travel information accumulated by HanaTour. Pursuing win-win travel information platform providing reliable travel information and allowing small-to-medium travel agencies to access travel information of HanaTour.
A duty free company established under the goal of creating a new paradigm for the Korean Duty Free sales market. With the knowledge and expertise of its parent company, HanaTour, it seeks to be the gateway of creative products made by 3 million small business owners and promoting outstanding domestic product into global market.
HanaTour runs two business hotels in downtown Seoul: Center Mark Hotel, its first hotel, and T-Mark Hotel Myeongdong, a business hotel. We also opened hotel chains in Japan and China, including T-Mark City Hotel Sapporo and T-Mark Grand Hotel Zhangjiajie, which is a premium-class business hotel. We are rapidly expanding our hotel business, as evidenced by the opening of T-Mark Grand Hotel Seoul in May 2016.
HanaTour Investment Management is an asset management company established by HanaTour and authorized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation. With this company, we plan to open more hotels at various key locations abroad, availing ourselves of our outbound travel capabilities.